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Windows Phone 8 SDK Launched Today!

Here is a quick summary of Windows Phone 8 announcements made today at the Build 2012 Conference and elsewhere.

The Windows Phone 8 SDK is now available for download here.

The updated Windows Phone Toolkit is available via NuGet here.

The updated Windows Phone Toolkit source and documentation is available on Codeplex here:

OData Client Tools for Windows Phone Apps has been updated and can be installed from here. See the blog post here. OData V3 now supported in Windows Phone apps!

Windows Phone Dev Center Accounts $8 for 8 Days: Developers can register for a Window Phone Developer Account for $8 (regularly $99) for the next eight days. (Register at If you have an MSDN subscription, be sure and use the Window Phone Dev Developer Account included with your subscription.

Windows Phone Developer Blog kick-off post here.

Watch Webcast: Windows Phone 8 Launch here.

Watch Build Keynotes and Sessions here.