WP7: Images in Secondary Tiles do not appear

Problem: Background Images in secondary tiles do not appear if using remote images.


<wp:BackgroundImage> and <wp:BackBackgroundImage> can use remote URLs, however, the domains need to be included in the Approved URLS list. For example:

// Lists domains that can send tile updates and so forth as push notifications.
// Only these authorized domains will be allowed by the shell to push new tiles to the phone

var ListOfAllowedDomains = new Collection<Uri> {
new Uri(@"http://i. contoso.com"), new Uri(@"http://i-staging.contoso.com") // e.g. if you published a webservice at http://foo.com/service1.svc — put "http://foo.com" here.

By including the domains in the ‘allowed list’ your background images will show up.